Freelancers, Experts & Consultant FAQs

Once GovFlex is in receipt of payment from the client, independent workers with verified banking information receive payment within 2-3 business days. It is important that you provide your bank information well before you start an engagement because it takes at least two days to verify the bank information.

The GovFlex system contains a patent-pending matching engine that sifts through profiles and resumes and presents them to customers who have posted opportunities – but only those consultant and expert profiles that are at least 80% complete.

Absolutely. When you register, be sure to include your company name and in the profile, describe the services your company provides in the summary section. Also, if you want to attach more than one resume, create a single document containing each of the resumes.

As a member of the GovFlex marketplace, consultants enjoy several advantages.

  1. Increased Opportunities – Once you complete a profile to at least 80%, your skills and expertise are searchable by every company in GovFlex looking for your type of expertise.
  2. Invoicing – When you complete work in GovFlex, the system automatically generates and sends an invoice for you.
  3. FastPay – When your work is accepted by a customer and their payment is received, GovFlex electronically transfers payment directly to your bank account in 2-3 business days.
  4. Tax Reporting – As a 1099 consultant, your clients have a responsibility to complete a 1099-MISC for you to submit to the IRS at the end of each year. As a member of GovFlex, we track your earnings and provide you with a consolidated 1099-MISC for all services provided through GovFlex.

ZERO. Independent Consultants (1099) and consulting companies can join the marketplace for FREE.

Customers who have worked with a consultant or who are familiar with a consultant’s expertise complete a short survey. The survey rates each consultant’s performance on a scale of 1 through 5 where 5 is exceptional and can also include a written review of their performance. The survey results are available to customers in GovFlex.
We encourage consultants in the marketplace to request associates to complete the survey by adding their email address to their profile. Consultants who have received 3 completed surveys achieve the level “Silver Verified”, at least 7 achieve the level “Gold Verified”, and 10 or more is considered the best, “Platinum Verified”.

The profile has a field where consultants can indicate the level of security clearance.

Yes. GovFlex registered companies may hire consultants and experts as W2 employees. Companies pay GovFlex a pre-arranged fee.

No. The consultants in the marketplace are professional, vetted, independent contractors that set their rates and choose which engagements they work.