Goverment Agency FAQs

Key Distinction:

GovFlex is the Government Freelance Exchange. It is the next generation digital marketplace designed specifically for providing a broad range of highly specialized professional and high-demand operational services to government agencies and contractors. The GovFlex platform focuses exclusively on services. Our E-Commerce platform was designed and built to deliver effective results, ease-of-use, and compliance, while saving time and money. GovFlex represents the future of work for Gig Economy tasks and projects in the government sector.


GovFlex is a competitive marketplace that does not use FedBid-like reverse auction techniques.

GovFlex does not provide for bid decrements to enable lower bids each time a reduction is offered.

Typically GovFlex projects involve specialized and/or high-demand talent, which often involve our clients selecting offers based upon best value vs. lowest price.

GovFlex requirements are generally less commoditized and typically more specialized.

GovFlex is integrated with government data sources, SAM, FedBizOps and in a way that leverages data to provide more concise matching to consultants, experts and independent workers.

GovFlex 24/7 provides virtual and personal customer success support vs. FedBid on-site support.

FedBid provides a heavier focus on products vs. services.

GovFlex offers a complete range of professional, expert and operational services vs. FedBid day-to-day services

GovFlex fee is identified separately while FedBid fee is included in the seller’s award price.


GovFlex and FedBid are both online competitive marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers.

Streamlined processes save time and money.

Buyer’s control price and selection based upon their specifications.

Both provide algorithm-driven secure interfaces.

Both provide U.S.-based service, support and training.

Each accepts convenient credit card, check or ACH payment

The processing fee covers the costs related to the digital platform, training agency users on an on-going basis, customer support to assist agency personnel with market research and hard-to-fill requirements. In addition the fee includes direct costs associated with payment.

NAICS codes include but are not limited to:

541611 – Administrative and General Management Consulting Services, including Program Management

541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Services

541512 – Computer Systems Design, Local Area Network and Integration Services

611430 – Professional and Management Development Training

541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services

54160 – Environmental Consulting Services

541199 – Other Legal Services and Paralegal Services

541310 – Architectural Services

531390 – Real Estate Services

511320 – Temporary Help Services

611710 – Educational Support Services

And many, many more!

Government agencies receive preferred pricing. Agreements are tailored to individual agency needs and fees may vary depending upon whether the focus is on user groups or enterprise-wide solutions. GovFlex commercial pricing is listed on our web site. Government quotes are available upon request via Carahsoft. Prices include the cost of services provided via the platform, as well as processing fees. GovFlex users find increased competition, related cost and time savings more than make up the cost of the fees.


GovFlex is a digital marketplace where agency personnel can enter a Statement of Work, compete short-term projects among talented independent experts and consultants, select the best choice for their needs, award a project and pay.

GovFlex is a complete procurement eco-system covering the full business cycle from market research to contract close-out.

The best way to gain a full understanding of our capabilities and features is to request an actual demo at:

We match government agencies with the best independent talent for their projects and surge requirements.

Our e-Commerce platform streamlines the acquisition process while saving valuable staff time and procurement documentation costs.

Features include access to talent across the entire U.S., increased competition, processing speed, ease-of-use and professional customer service.

GovFlex digital marketplace helps government agencies procure highly-specialized talent more efficiently and effectively under FAR Part 13 – Simplified Acquisitions.


  • Micro-purchases within the $10,000 limit,
  • Open market purchases under $25,000,
  • Simplified Acquisitions under the $250,000 threshold,
  • Blanket Purchasing Agreements, and
  • Commercial services not exceeding $7 million or $13 million in contingencies

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