The GovFlex Story

It all started in 2014 when a small group of experienced government contractor execs set out to improve the way freelancers and businesses connected and worked together.

At the time we focused on the proposal process to connect proposal managers, pricing experts, graphic artists, and others. So we initially set course as Government Proposal Solutions Inc., GovProp.

We had each operated our own government sector contracting companies or consulting businesses and shared the same observations. Contractors often missed opportunities because they didn’t know how to find the right talent at the right time. Many used antiquated “Rolodex-like” hard copy listings, word of mouth or raw search methods to find help. Setting up consulting agreements and related paperwork was time-consuming and outdated.

Freelance experts and consultants were wrestling with similar problems. Finding opportunities was time-consuming and costly. Paperwork varied from one client to another. Preparing monthly billings was often bureaucratic and worst of all delays in payment often slipped to 60, 90, 120 days, or more. A large amount of freelancer time was filled with uncertainty and non-billable hours.

The GovProp Team researched leading business methods and national trends involving the emergence of freelancers as a growing presence in the U.S. workforce. It became clear that online marketplaces were replacing the old “hunt and peck” methods of finding and working with freelancers. International companies like UpWork and Fiverr were growing exponentially. However, none were experienced in the unique dimensions of the government sector. We knew this would be our niche.

So we pivoted to become GovFlex – The Government Freelance Exchange. As the numbers of freelancers approached the 57 million mark in the U.S. alone, we found a growing trend toward reliance on freelancers as a key element of the Future of Work. About the same time, we found an increasing demand for experienced government sector talent in virtually every technical, administrative and management skill set – not just for pre-award work, but for the entire acquisition cycle including post-contract award delivery of services. Matching freelancers with those who need them remains our primary focus.

As we continue to grow we are responding to the needs of our community of practice. With a focus on quality, we work to enhance our user’s experience, increase reference materials and content in our resource library, expand the GovFlex Academy Pro Shop to provide market research, helpful tools, templates, checklists, and training. GovFlex is all about finding new and innovative ways to help, continuously improving and making a difference.

This is our story and we’re sticking to it!

The GovFlex Team

Eric Adolphe


Bob Dickson


Dwayne Robinson


Bob Suda

VP of Strategic Initiatives

Melanie Baker

Melanie Baker

Principal Proposal Expert

Mike Lisagor

Mike Lisagor

Chief Knowledge Officer

Michael Peacock

VP of Sales and Marketing

Tyran Tisdale

Customer Success Advisor

Nadine Kaiser

Customer Success Advisor

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