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On GovFlex, government freelancers and consulting firms are matched with government contractors searching for short to intermediate term talent solutions.

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Take on ideal projects We take the hassle out of required “paperwork” and documentation by providing client service support, helping track projects, processing payments within 48 hours of client acceptance and providing consolidated IRS 1099’s at the end of the year.

Take on ideal projects
As a freelancer on GovFlex you create a professional profile, monitor current job postings, and compete for listed projects that match your qualifications.

Simple fee structure
Freelancer membership is FREE. You set your own rates. Please note that the GovFlex platform adds a 10% processing and administrative fee which is incorporated into the rate quoted to our contractor clients.

We make it easy for freelancers

“It’s super simple. With GovFlex, literally everything you do is in one location. The platform bundles the history of your work, simplifies proposals, tracks progress, and enables prompt payment.”

Kim Milner
Acquisition Manager

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