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Freelancers Immediately “Change the Game” for Small Government Contractors

What a difference a day makes! One day you wonder how to pursue a great opportunity at an agency where you have no experience. The next day you have access to the agency insight, knowledge, and experience you need to compete for their contracts with confidence. If this sounds too good to be true it’s time to learn more about how freelancers can make a real difference for your team.

Government contracting provides great opportunities for small businesses. However, the process is challenging. It’s often difficult for companies to find professionals who have worked in the government or as government contractors with specific agency knowledge, program insights, or contract experience. However, online talent marketplaces increasingly provide access to the best independent professionals with those credentials.

Freelancers provide flexibility to get the help you need for a day, a week, a month, or more. They are increasingly available via online talent marketplaces that reduce search time, streamline talent matching, eliminate “paperwork” and lower overhead costs. So if you’re ready to “change your game” be sure to include freelancers in your analysis of alternatives.

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