GovFlex Taps Freelancer Community Nationwide for New 2021 Opportunities

The Government Freelance Exchange (GovFlex) is actively seeking freelancers with a wide range of pre and post-award business and technical skills required by government contractors.  In addition to recovering from the economic effects of the COVID pandemic, contractors are simultaneously preparing for a surge in FY21 end of year requirements.

Market demand is increasing across the board.  However we anticipate particular interest in freelancers supporting Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR/STTR), acquisition support, program management, information technology, cyber, expanded Small and Disadvantaged Business initiatives, as well as early stage business development and capture for upcoming GWACs including GSA BIC-MAC and Polaris.

Reliance upon freelancers is expected to accelerate in response to increasing acceptance of “blended workforce” solutions.  For many companies, remote work is here to stay.  According to Zety’s February 19, 2021 blog entitled Gig Economy: Definition, Statistics & Trends [2021 Update], “75% of executives cite the importance of gig workers in sourcing hard-to-find skills.” The article goes on the say that 91% believe this will be the case in the next three years.

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