It’s the same old story but with a new twist. Government program and acquisition managers face increasing pressure to do more with less. We’ve heard it before – lack of adequate staff, budget constraints, and increasing work backlogs lead to performance issues and lost opportunities.

Simply trying harder will not solve the problem. However new e-commerce online talent platforms are a game-changer! Better yet government managers can tap into this solution for their short term or intermittent projects and get real help today.

If your agency needs help to find the talent you need to achieve results now, consider the advantages of an e-commerce talent platform:

Speed — Agencies can post projects, compete among qualified freelancers, select the best fit and initiate projects within a matter of days. Platform speed and convenience provide an attractive alternative to traditional methods of staffing or contracting firms.

Flexibility — Buy only what you need — when you need it. Agencies have the ability to quickly and easily expand or contract their support to meet mission requirements.

Cost Savings — Online talent platforms reduce costs by eliminating the layering of intermediaries, which often include G&A, profit and other costs of multiple tier contractors or staffing agencies.

Access to Top Talent — Platforms provide access to a broad range of nationally recognized experts including former C-suite executives, CEO’s, CIO’s, Senior Executive Service and senior military personnel, as well as top caliber professional, technical, administrative, consulting and other gig economy services.

Expanded Competition — Expanded talent pools provide competition for projects. Agencies may choose the best value criteria and determine the selection of other than low bidders. Either way, competition works!

Support Small Businesses — Online platforms provide a gateway for small businesses entering the government marketplace. Opportunities range from entry-level micro-purchases of $10,000 or below to larger requirements which help agencies achieve their socioeconomic small business goals.

Save Time for Critical Tasks — All too often skilled staff are absorbed in routine tasks that could easily and effectively be handled by freelancers on short term or recurring projects.

Build a Bench for Future Needs — Don’t try to time the market! You may miss out on the best talent when other agencies seek the same freelancer, or when urgent requirements call for quick reaction capabilities. Instead, build a pre-qualified list of the best talent to call on when needed.

Streamlined Acquisitions Process — The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 12 for commercial items or services, and Part 13 for simplified acquisitions up to $250,000, provide ample runway to access online talent marketplaces. Also, FAR Subpart 13.5 provides for simplified contracts up to $7,000,000 and $13,000,000 in contingencies.

E-Commerce Innovation — The work has already been done for you. As the federal government continues to invest and develop innovative enterprise-wide E-commerce solutions, online talent platforms are simply available by logging in to the commercial marketplace.

For government agencies, doing the same old thing to handle gaps in essential services often does not solve today’s problems. For short term, intermediate or recurring talent requirements e-commerce platforms that provide a new and more effective alternative to get help when you need it. Online talent marketplaces provide a key solution enabling managers to reduce project costs, save time and produce better results now!